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Pet grooming is more than just bathing your dogs or cats. This grooming needs also depends on the breed and type of hair your pet has. Browse through our list as what we call the basic care for your pet.

• Hair brushing - services at Grooming Tails, will help maintain a healthy coat of your furry friend.

• Nail trimming - Let our friendly staff handle their paws

• Bathing - Our regular bathing services will make your pet get used to bathing and won't run out of the tub anymore.

• Punctual departures - We do our work quickly and efficiently to ensure your time isn't wasted. You're also allowed to stay on premises during your pet's services!

Pain-free nail services for your pets

Have you ever considered to dremel your dog's nails rather clipping it? If not, try it out today. Your dog will love you more. Nail dremeling is less painful and less stressful for your dog, leaving their nails smoother and shorter.


We brush your pets tooth with toothbrush and toothpaste made especially for your dogs.

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Teeth brushing

Hair brushing

Nail clipping

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