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Time to pamper your furry companion

Bring in your pup to Grooming Tails and indulge them in medicated bath treatments like oatmeal bath and do whatever it takes to make them happy.

• Oatmeal baths

• Medicated shampoo treatments

• Specialty styles

• Coloring

• Stencil designs

• Nail services

Pet Pampering in Spring, TX

You have lived with your pets for years, they always will be our cherished companions. One of the ways you can give back love to them is by pampering them as much as you can. Never underestimate the importance of having your pet happy and clean. Don't wait any longer, come to Grooming tails, our 19+ years of experience will leave your pup more adorable than ever.  

Pet grooming

Medicated shampoo treatments

Military discounts

Oatmeal bath

When your pup is getting its nails done, you can get yours done too